Snowbird – Moon

In 2007 Stephanie Dosen released ‘A Lily for the Spectre’ and unleashed a beautiful new voice into the world, fragile and yet strangely powerful, her songs were mystical fairy tales that enchanted the listener into her slightly quirky surrounds. Simon Raymonde was one third of the Cocteau Twins and since their split has been a successful label boss but the music finally drew him back. Some years ago the track ‘Where Foxes Hide’ turned up on a cover mounted CD, I forget which magazine, but it sparked my interest and I began waiting for more material but it seemed like it would never arrive. Finally now ‘Moon’ by Snowbird is here an album of dreamy pop that, for obvious reasons, sounds not unlike the Cocteau Twins. Dosen’s voice is eerily similar to that of Liz Fraser and musically it is pretty close but as there has been a gap for some time it is a welcome sound. Overall the album is a mixed bag it starts off strongly with the synth driven ‘I Heard The Owl Call My Name’ the afore mentioned ‘Foxes’ and the haunting ‘All Wishes are Ghosts’ but towards the end it gets a bit too whimsical ‘We Carry White Mice’ being a good example. It should please fans aching from the lack of any new Cocteau material but it won’t be to everyone’s taste and due to its inoffensive nature I imagine it will soundtrack many a cool dinner party.


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