Warpaint – Warpaint

The deliberate intention to keep in the mistake and call it intro is a sign of a band not afraid to admit they’re fallible but also that they are not afraid what you think about this their second album. Warpaint is a similar and yet very different affair to their debut, the same woozy tempos and hushed vocals are present but something has changed. It took me two or three songs to realise they had done a Radiohead, the beats are quirkier, the guitars are distant and synths are creeping in all of this no surprise when you find out the album is produced by Flood and Nigel Godrich. Clearly an influence on expanding the girls sound the producers have got the band to create a much sparser sound, if their first record was laid back L.A. sunshine this is more chilly autumn comedown. It’s the previously mentioned Radiohead mixed with The XX while retaining a chunk of what made us fall in love with them four years ago. Across the twelve tracks some are instantly likeable and although the album feels emptier others will drop in and reveal layers with repeated listens.


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