The Wolf of Wall Street

I want some of whatever they have been putting in Scorsese’s morning coffee because ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ isn’t just a director back on form, he’s on fire. Based on a true story DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort a stockbroker whose appetite for money is matched only by his for love for drugs and women. Ferocious in business and swept along in the high life’s slip stream Jordan and his motley crew of misfits have more money than they know what to with, cue elaborate office parties and over the top scenarios, an unhealthy amount of drugs and a new record for the most swearing in a film. Shocking, exploitative, cringe worthy it’s all this and more, but it is also damn funny.  This three hour debauched ride through a story that I thought was embellished, it isn’t I checked, never lets up and whizzes along from one set piece to the next. With trademark narration, Jordan’s rise and fall is documented in all its guts and glory with monologues to the camera, great cinematography and of course a brilliant use of music incorporating blues, classical and rock. If drug use, excess, nudity and colourful language aren’t your thing then stay away because this is the cheeky Scorsese of old the man behind Mean Streets, Goodfellas and Casino. At a time when cinema as a whole is in such disarray its refreshing to see an master of his craft make some of his best work and thankfully for us he is showing no signs of  growing old gracefully. An Oscar contender and clearly a frontrunner for one of the films of the year ‘Wolf’ is 2014s first must see movie.


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