The Motel Life

About twenty minutes into ‘The Motel Life’ I realised it was based on the debut novel by Richmond Fontaine frontman Willy Vlautin, it’s been a while since I read the book so I can’t remember how faithful it is to the text but with a voice as rich as Vlautin’s it was sure to be an interesting watch. Brother s Frank (Hirsch) and Jerry (Dorff) although both talented are hanging round on the seedier side of life taking crappy jobs for crappy pay and getting drunk to forget. With no father figure and the death of their mother early on in their lives they have grown a bond between them that will see the brothers support each other no matter what and it’s this brotherly love that runs throughout the film as dangerous as it is beautiful. With great acting and purposefully miserable cinematography the films overall mood is bleak broken only by beautiful animations whenever Frank tell one of his stories. The Motel Life is one of those films where although loads of things happen it often feels like nothing is really going on, the environment and weather joining the cast to add to the temperament. Sad and honest the film will probably never get the recognition it deserves but will hopefully become a cult classic among those prepared to enter its disturbing but ultimately interesting world.

the motel life


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