Future of the Left – How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident

‘The music industry is lying to you, it is telling you that you are excited, and you ARE excited’ are the opening lines to stand out track ‘Singing of the bonesaws’ from Future of the Left’s latest ‘How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident’. Not only is it a great example of the musical direction the band have taken but it also showcases the barbed wit and sardonic lyrics that infiltrate the whole record. A kind of Wire meets the Sex Pistols but laced with humour and Billy Bragg-esque street politics the fourteen tracks here are the musical equivalent of a chainsaw through fresh wood. Guitars buzz, punky and to the point as the bass and drums rumble low as a perfect backdrop. But it’s really in the vocals from lead singer Falco that the real magic lives whether its spitting an anti-testosterone rhetoric or disguising social commentary beneath the faux British accent of an old world news reader there isn’t a dull moment in his delivery. Imagine a welsh Jarvis Cocker fronting Blag Flag and singing about the themes touched on in Monkey Dust and you’re in the right ball park, funny power punk for the downtrodden and disenfranchised in today’s broken Britain.


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