Rosi Golan – Fortuna

An acoustic guitar is backed at times by the odd distant tambourine, piano or reverbed drum on Rosi Golan’s new E.P.  ‘Fortuna’. But more than the instrumentation is the voice it swings wildly from a hushed breath to its full power without losing any of its character. Backed on a few songs by Johnny McDaid there is a hint of Rue Royale at work especially on ‘Give up the Ghost’.  ‘Got What We Wanted’ is likable in an instant but it the quieter ‘Churchyard Sleep’ that gets better with ever listen.  ‘Curtain Call’ is beautiful in its simplicity with the opening lines  ‘The curtains will close, The lights will go dim,  And I’ll change my clothes for the last time my friend,  Gather my roses, Swallow your tears I may be leaving but at least I was here’ setting the scene for the rest of the song. Lyrically there is a lot of melancholy and lost love but at no point does it feel depressing in fact until I read the lyrics I was unaware of their true content, disguised in the compositions and hidden within that alluring voice. If you are unaware of Golan this six track E.P. maybe a good place to start and if you are already a fan then I need not tell you how good it is.


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