Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Use your imagination to envisage a mix between Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem and you will be pretty close to ‘Reflektor’ the new album by the former produced by the main man of the latter. Now just because it sounds as you would expect doesn’t mean it’s bad, far from it, but the change in direction may irk some diehard fans. I myself wasn’t sure about it at first, of course I caught a big old dose of Reflektor-itis when the single came out, but the album on first few listens didn’t sit as well. But with such a big band, multi-layered instruments and a plethora of influences it soon became apparent that this was a great record. The main reason being the pure skill it takes to fuse together folk, rock, funk, pop, reggae, dance and more without it sounding like a mess. It’s fitting that Bowie guests on the title track as his influence can be heard across the record as can Talking heads among others and it would be pointless to write an endless list here when you can just dive in and see for yourself. The eighties bass line on ‘We Exist’, the piano on ‘Here Comes The Night Time’, the jittery ‘Flashbulb Eyes’ and of course the epic single ‘Reflektor’ there is something new to discover with every listen. The 13 tracks here spread over an hour and are packed full of hooks and choruses, smart lyrics and experimentation, it sounds like a band having fun and the knock on effect of that is that it’s also a pure joy for the listener.

arcade fire

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