Rue Royale – Remedies Ahead

I first discovered Rue Royale with their second release ‘Guide to an Escape’ I then managed to catch them live in a local venue and they didn’t disappoint, by the time I saw them at End of the Road festival I had pretty much converted all my friends into fans. Their knack of knowing when to use space and let the songs breathe along with their blissful harmonies made it all the more easier. Now they are back with a brand new record ‘Remedies Ahead’ which sees them continue to grow as songwriters and musicians. From the opener it’s clear that they have kept what makes their sound so recognisable but also pushed themselves into new territory. The Radiohead beat that underpins ‘Changed My Grip’, the way Brookln leads with the vocal on most of the songs and the slight leaning towards folk-tronica with synths is all a welcome addition to the catchy choruses, chord progressions and harmonies. Lyrically strong the record deals with love and displacement and while dark in places mostly manages to be uplifting while being an honest look at feelings, places, relationships and time. Lead single ‘Set Out to Discover’ and ‘Pull Me Like a String’ are instant stand outs but spend more time with the record and you’ll notice that there isn’t a weak song among this collection. I hope this record is massive for them because, as one of the hardest working bands I know, they truly deserve it.

rue royale

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