How do you get the freedom to make the albums you want as an artist? Well make your debut record so catchy and radio friendly that the songs contained within will dominate the airwaves and festivals in its year of release and go on to sell a shed load of copies. Step forward MGMT who did just that with ‘Oracular Spectacular’ a record that became so popular that they could literally do whatever they wanted next which they did with 2010s ‘Congratulations’ a record that sort of dispensed with the formula of their debut to forge its own path one which they have steered even closer towards on their latest release ‘MGMT’. While they will clearly lose fans who expected more straightforward songs, the first half here is the closest thing to actual tunes with the second containing some of the most far out music they have made to date, existing fans prepared to go with them on their musical trip will be justly rewarded. Taking elements of their own style and mixing in a healthy dose of the sixties psychedelic sound they have made an album that has one foot in the past and yet is leaping forward in it vision of beautiful chaos. There are elements of Pink Floyd during the Syd Barrett years and the experimentation of Zappa and Beefheart throughout, guitars swirl forward and backwards though pedals, effected drums are punctuated by weird noises as the compositions fractal off in many directions. A multitude of instruments battle it out in the spacey wig-outs with vocals thrown in somewhere from time to time. Whatever sounds are in the heads of Andrew and Ben they are doing their best to replicate them here and while it may be too much for some other will revel in the musical pandemonium.


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