Swim Deep – Where the Heaven Are We

Do you miss the early days of baggy? Do you long for a debut record as good as ‘Some Friendly’? Then Swim Deep are the new band for you. ‘Where The Heaven Are We’ is a collection of eleven songs that transport the listener right back to the early nineties, reminiscent of ‘The Charlatans’ and ‘Flowered Up’ these uplifting songs jangle along at a shoe-gazing pace. But while evoking memories of the past the record also has a nod to the present with the backing vocals at times making the band sound a bit like ‘Hurts’. The lyrics are not only catchy but cleverly done like the brilliant chorus in ‘Honey’ of ‘Don’t just dream in your sleep it’s just lazy’ or in ‘Make My Sun Shine’ with its lovely ‘You make my sun shine, You make my watch tick slowly’. ‘Red Lips I Know’ utilises a guitar sound not unlike the early days of ‘The Cure’ and the songs, while not quite having the raw edge, sprawl like ‘Ride’. Baggy pop rock with a psychedelic slant Swim Deep’s debut is a nice mix of old and new and presents the listener with an album of real warmth that like their name suggests you can dive into.

swim deep

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