Goldfrapp – Tales of Us

Like a welcome blast from the past and a definite departure from their previous few albums Goldfrapp are back with ‘Tales of Us’. Ten compositions of laid back beauty that is a reminder of the kind of music that existed on their debut ‘Felt Mountain’ before they decided to go all full on disco stomp. Not that there is anything wrong with that but fans of the more upbeat material will find nothing like it here as minimal soundscapes are created with sparse guitars and piano interlaced with the odd bit of strings and strange noises. Of course what this allows is us to be swept along in the stories contained in the songs and also bask in the amazing vocal talents of Alison, for this record truly belongs to her dulcet tones, soft, icy and delicate and yet with a power that commands complete surrender. From the opening ‘Jo’ right through to closer ‘Clay’ Alison holds your attention in a firm grasp, her voice casting a spell on your ears pulling you into their sweet audible vision. Whether a fan of the sleazy dance floor filling Goldfrapp or this new bold directional change you can’t deny that they have created a haunting masterpiece.

tales of us

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