Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

After a series of albums, soundtracks and awards Trent Reznor is back at his day job with a new Nine Inch Nails album but sadly it doesn’t live up to his previous work. ‘Hesitation Marks’ starts off strong enough with songs ‘Copy Of A’ and lead single ‘Came Back Haunted’ both typically NIN in the vein of his ‘Ghosts’ series and even ‘Find My Way’ and ‘All Time Low’ have a certain charm but as you get further through the album it’s harder to imagine you are even listening to NIN with Reznor’s voice being the only give away. Because just like every long suffering original Radiohead fan will attest to the burning question is where are the guitars? Sure there’s some weird grindings and scratches in the mix but the majority of the soundscapes would easily be classed as electro and not industrial rock that Reznor was once one of the pioneers of. By the time you are over the halfway mark the bloops and bleeps start to include hints of funk and it was only when I hit the bonus remixes of ‘Find My Way’ and ‘All Time Low’ that I gained a slight interest again but that was all it was. For someone who has made some truly inspiring music this collection of songs almost feels phoned in, a NIN by numbers if you like, without any of what used to make them good. Not his best by far.


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