Mark Kozeleck & Desertshore

Hot on the heels of his amazing collaboration with Jimmy LaValle on ‘Perils From The Sea’ Mark Kozelek is back this time with Desertshore for an album that is almost a companion piece. Whereas ‘Perils From The Sea’ is beats based ‘Mark Kozelek & Desertshore’ is much more like his older Red House Painters work. With a solid combination of laid back drums and bass Kozelek once again mumble sings brilliant twisted tales on a variety of subject including death, guitar heroes and Anton LaVey to mention but a few. Along with his distinctive delivery the album also provides some of Kozelek’s best guitar since the RHP days. This collection also features some of his best song writing, ‘Sometimes I Can’t Stop’ deals with the recent loss of Jason Molina and similarly on ‘Brothers’ the loss of his uncles and his father’s reactions. But as with other Kozelek releases there is also some brilliant dark humour hidden within each story and as he admits himself ‘at the age of 46, I’m still one fucked up little kid’ a confession which not only alludes to his mischievous side but also to his still striving to understand the world around him. Thankfully, for us, he is doing that through music and his material isn’t being diluted down by his prolific output. As he says on this album ‘it was 4am before I got to bed, trying to stop the guitars playing in my head’ which I imagine, if the last two records are anything to go by, is closer to the truth than fiction.


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