The Polyphonic Spree – Yes, It’s True

I think a lot of people don’t take The Polyphonic Spree serious, maybe it’s the robes, the free love or the sheer number of members but new album ‘Yes, It’s True’ should change that. After a five year absence they’re back with their most accessible record yet and it’s crammed full of tunes that demand to be heard in the sunshine. Yes there is still a little bit of the hippy ethic present ‘You know you’re wonderful by design’ the choir sing in unison but there’s no harm in being reminded how great it is to be alive right? The main thing that struck me about the record was how tight and mature sounding the music had become. Listen to my favourite track ‘Heart Talk’ and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Arcade Fire, its big and bold and confident ‘open up m y heart and here’s what it had to say’ Tim sings, it even has a hint of Bowie’s ‘China Girl’. The album is crammed with strings, horns, keys and of course choir and it’s a beautifully dizzy mix that is a euphoric celebration.  It’s a record that flies by and when I reached the ambient outro of ‘Battlefield’ I couldn’t wait to start it all over again which is a good sign for any record. My advice: find some sun, put your hands in the air, play it loud and enjoy one of the most unashamedly jubilant collection of songs you’ll hear all year.


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