Monsters University

Pixar studios has had a pretty good run, with perhaps the exception of the slightly flat ‘Cars’, they have maintained a high standard and produced some of the best children’s films around. This is mainly due to the clever scripts that also appeal to adults, the characters they have created and the flawless animation. But what about revisiting one such classic ‘Monsters Inc’ with a prequel? Well let me start by saying that ‘Monsters University’ is not as good as its predecessor but it is still a great film in its own rights. Focusing on how Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan met there is plenty of humour to be found in the classic high school story of nerds verses jocks and all the trappings that come with being a student. Once again the voice acting is superb and there are some great gags and of course a moral underpinning the whole proceedings. But more than that it’s the new characters they have created and the familiar ones that we glimpse in a life before ‘Monsters Inc’. I imagine it must be so much fun to come up with all the new monsters when the only limit is your imagination and just one look at the poster shows just how many you will meet when you watch this. This film could have not worked but its testament to just how watchable Mike and Sully are that carries the tale of rivalry through to lifelong friendship, another Pixar classic to add to the list.


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