Savages – Silence Yourself

After much anticipation, buzz and intense live shows Savages finally release their debut album ‘Silence Yourself’ and it’s great. There are easy comparisons to make like Joy Division; ‘She Will’ borrows the ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ template and ‘Husbands’ has shades of Patti Smith’s Horses but the production is definitely ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ era Cure. The harder comparisons are not so easy to spot at first but they are there, traces of Public Image Limited, Siouxsie Sioux and even ‘Echo Beach’. Behind the brooding lyrics and solid rhythm section electric guitars cut through the atmosphere of the songs like an axle grinder through sheet metal and the band have managed to project some of the intensity they have been displaying live onto the record. Its clever and fierce post-punk that doesn’t take prisoners and demands the listener’s attention throughout, which is why the trumpet at the close the album is so out of place. It’s the only bit of the record I dislike and I’m not even sure why it’s there but that really is a minor objection on what is a solid debut.


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