Iron Man 3

Well I don’t know about you but I thought that they couldn’t really go wrong after ‘The Avengers’ but after sitting through the two hours and ten minutes that is Tony Stark 3, sorry I mean Iron Man 3, I can now change that statement to how did it all go wrong? When I go to see an Iron Man film I kind of expect a wise cracking man in an iron suit blowing things up in increasingly jaw dropping fashion what I don’t want is the main characters existential crisis played out like a long semi-comedic soap. The script, considering it came from Shane Black, is poor with huge unexplained plot holes, missed timed comedy and a twist that is frankly insulting to fans. Along the way we get the set pieces, all of which were in the trailer, which are confusingly directed and muddled to the point where half the time I just couldn’t tell what was going on. Teaming Tony up with a smart arse kid, overusing Paltrow and underusing Ben Kingsley and Rebecca Hall are just a few of the many missteps but ultimately the film commits the biggest crime that a popcorn blockbuster can and that is being boring. This, sadly, is one film the Marvel universe could have done without.


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1 Response to Iron Man 3

  1. Craig Gorham says:

    Couldn’t disagree more, on almost every point but each to their own.

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