Iron and Wine – Ghost on Ghost

It is a strange mix of things I can hear in ‘Ghost on Ghost’ the fifth album from ‘Iron and Wine’ the working moniker of Sam Beam. As soon as the album starts with ‘Caught in the Briars’ I am reminded of the Band of course it is unmistakably Beam but the production and growth in the song writing also throws up Al Green, City & Colour and even Barry White. The songs walk a very fine line between Americana and Pop and some will not get on with the shameless move towards smooth jazz in places. But for me it works, the sheer scale of the vision in each composition that sees a plethora of instruments work together so well that you may not notice some of them on the first few listens making it all the more pleasurable when you finally do. Strings, horns, organ, harmonies and a variety of percussion join the guitars, bass and drums treating the folk to pockets of funk and soul, it’s a big band sound and it suits. This is definitely a summer record, its closest bedfellows this year being Matthew E White’s ‘Big Inner’ and Jim James’ ‘Regions Of Light And Sound Of God’, like both of those ‘Ghost on Ghost’ has lofty ideas and thankfully soars to meet them head on. My advice just buy and fall in love with this amazing record.

iron & wine

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1 Response to Iron and Wine – Ghost on Ghost

  1. Odell Santos says:

    Ghost on Ghost sounds like a reward. It’s uplifting and joyous and worldly and offers everyone something different on every listen. It is not by accident that I have largely omitted a commentary on the stories this album tells, especially as its author is an artist that I (and many others) have claimed as one of indie music’s best storytellers. This is not an album that does not beg to be interpreted, nor does it need to be. Give it the time and try not to be drawn into its world.

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