Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

There is something about a song like ‘Sacrilege’ the way it builds, it could only end with a full gospel choir and is the instantly lovable first single from ‘Mosquito’ the fourth album from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it opens the record with a blast of grandeur that sadly is never repeated. ‘Subway’ with its train tracks beat and ‘Buried Alive’ featuring Dr.Octagon proves the band aren’t afraid to try something different and these tracks stand out because of it. But of the other songs here the structures are just too similar they meander along never really reaching the highs you think they might at any minute. The forgettable ‘Area 52’ and the disco-punk of the title track suggest the band is trying a bit too hard to fit that trashy New York cliché its more Misfits simplicity than it is intelligent art-rock  and ‘Wedding Song’ is so desperate to be the new ‘Maps’ it’s almost embarrassing. I think what’s missing is any sign of signature Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen’s voice is so distorted that it loses most of its charm, there are no stand out Zinner guitar riffs and quite frankly it could be anyone drumming. There are some great moments but not enough to make this a great record and when they are on fire like on ‘Sacrilege’ it reminds you just how good they can be when they want to.


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