Merz – No Compass Will Find Home

‘No Compass Will Find Home’ is the latest album from Conrad Lambert better known as Merz. I first heard him in 1999 with ‘Many Weathers Apart’ a brilliant track from his self-titled debut, a fresh and thoughtful dance tune of sorts. What that track and album did best was show that Lambert was one to watch. In the years since he has made some brilliant music and even on the few occasions he doesn’t quite hit the mark he is still challenging, experimenting and different. This album is much the same, a beautiful and innovative folk/electronica hybrid that once again shows off Lambert talents across the ten tracks. ‘Eudaimonia’ with its strange time sequence, the jaunty ‘Toy’ which if it wasn’t for Lambert’s distinctive voice could be easily mistaken for early ‘Bent’ and the compelling title track that closes the record. I’d be tempted to call the songs sketches if that didn’t make them sound unfinished but in the same way you could leaf through a sketch book each is different and yet clearly made by the same hand. If you have never heard of Merz, I urge you to, because the more fans he gets the more likely he is to carry on making great records like this one.


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