The Strokes – Comedown Machine

Every once in a while a band emerge with such a cracking debut it’s hard for them to ever top it. Then comes the mediocre follow ups, band squabbling, drink, drugs and general collapse of the unit that starts as friends and then end up not talking never mind recording together. Sadly The Strokes fit firmly into this category and for anyone who loved ‘Is This It?’ and has patiently waited for them to regain those heady heights again, will I believe be disappointed in their latest effort ‘Comedown Machine’. It’s a strange mix of songs ranging from the lead single ‘One Way Trigger’ complete with its riff nicked straight from A-Ha, then there’s Julian’s favouring of falsetto and the odd bit of screaming,  there is even a ballad. There’s the occasional moment when they threaten to sound like they used to but then they spoil it with some strange dated electronica or just a bland self-parody. Sadly it seems that the bands are long past their best and someone should really tell them that most of us are trying to forget the eighties.


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