Robot & Frank

What can I tell you about the brilliantly quirky debut feature from writer Christopher D. Ford and director Jake Schreier ‘Robot & Frank’. Well I can honestly say that firstly this is a great little movie with a powerful central performance by Frank Langella as the aging ex-con in need of home help in the form of the most emotive robot since Wall-E. Secondly the story, while quite simple, has enough humour and heart to grip you without the use of action or effects for its entirety. Set in the not too distant future, Frank an ex-jewellery thief and self-professed bad father is losing his mind causing his worried son to get him a robot butler which he is a first reluctant to embrace. As the story progresses Frank warms to Robot and a strange friendship is born one which may just see Frank and his new computerised pal carrying out one last heist. While dressed up in a future setting the film is really a human nature piece about aging, relationships and family and is as moving as it is funny. Yes it’s an unconventional setting for telling this kind of story but that’s why it works. While most of us will not see robot butlers in our lifetimes we may see people we love grow old and maybe even lose their minds to the ravishes of time. ‘Robot & Frank’ is universally appealing because it’s a very real tale with a realistic inevitability told with warmth and a strange uplifting pathos.


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