I’m Not From London present Gallery 47 E.P. launch 22/2/13 Bodega

Always happy to support local promoters and acts I am excited for tonight’s gig and I am not disappointed. Leah Sinead is the first to open; she started out on the open mic scene but is now outgrowing it and you can see why. She has a striking voice that accompanies her guitar playing and at times it is so huge you can’t believe it comes from such a petite frame. A mix of covers and originals has the crowd hooked and I think it’s safe to say she is one to look out for. Louis Scott is next up and is growing as a performer; he seems a lot more at ease which brings with it a new level of confidence. This shows in his playing and also the way he engages with the crowd in between songs. As the room fills up it takes Joe Danks to get a few moving by adding fiddle to his acoustic guitar, playing jaunty numbers that benefit from the extra instrument. The handful of dancers at the front seem to give Joe a boost and full of energy he bounces to and from the microphone as he sings. Next up Jake Buckley also adds to his sound this time with an extra guitar and the occasional cahon which adds subtle backing beats to his songs. With less room to move everyone has to make do with nodding along when he does his last song, a fast paced crowd pleaser about getting drunk, complete with shots between verses. Now everyone waits for the main act and as candles are lit on the stage the last few people squeeze into the now tightly packed venue. Gallery 47 appears to rapturous applause and begins his set; there are clearly some big fans here who mouth along the words to the older songs. But let’s not forget we are here to launch the new E.P. and the new songs sound great, mature and showcase his clearly growing talent as a musician and songwriter. After a cheeky Bob Dylan cover and breaking the curfew, his final song ‘Not in Nottingham’ from Walt Disney’s Robin Hood strikes a chord with the home crowd and then it’s all over. What an amazing end to a night of fine local talent, just another reason, if needed, that Nottingham does indeed rock.



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