Atoms For Peace – Amok

If you like Radiohead in the latter part of their career or like Thom Yorke’s debut solo ‘The Eraser’ and more so the Eraser remixes then chances are you will love ‘Atoms for Peace’. Formed as a kind of experiment this super group contains Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, regular Beck drummer Joey Waronker and Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco but due to the distinctiveness of Yorke’s voice you could be forgiven for classing this as a continuation of his solo work. The album starts off quite jaunty with ‘Before Your Very Eyes’ Thom’s falsetto rising high above the beats and bleeps. ‘Ingenue’ has, somewhere in its many layers, a sound that at one point could be a random tap dripping but then sounds strangely coherent before switching back. Although firmly based in the electronica genre it is the origins of the sounds, the acoustic guitars in the mix and flea’s warm bass that give the whole album an organic feel. You won’t find any singles as such here, most of the tracks, with the exception of the instantly catchy ‘Judge Jury Executioner’, are real slow burners that open up more with each listen. A lot of ‘Amok’ apparently came out digital jam sessions and at times its twitchy nature gives it away but for the most part it is as solid as it is experimental. A slightly different approach and a collective of minds has helped this album rise a little above the usual fare, obviously the big names help, but to concentrate on that would do the music an injustice. Yorke has already stated that this is an on-going project and regardless of where it all ends up this is a pretty good start.


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