Jim James – Regions Of Light And Sound of God

Jim James has enjoyed much success fronting ‘My Morning Jacket’ and rightly so but it’s here on his debut solo record ‘Regions Of Light And Sound of God’ that his talents truly shine. Written, produced and almost entirely performed by James this really is an exceptional record. I must admit the album didn’t grab me on first listen but after a few turns it really opened itself to me in all its beauty. I think the main thing is that it’s hard to categorise, there is just so much going on, but not in a muddled way, everything works in perfect harmony. Which means Americana nestles up to funk and synths share space with mariachi folk, it’s a blending of styles that in the wrong hands could have been disastrous but here is quite the opposite. ‘Know Til Now’ sounds like Hot Chip in one of their more mellower moments, whereas ‘Actress’ could have come straight off a ‘John Lennon and Plastic Ono Band’ record. Layers of strings and trumpets wash certain tracks and space plays a big part like the instrumental ‘Exploding’ that cuts the album in half. I’d like to say that the nine compositions contain experimentation because that’s how it feels at times but I’m sure that everything is calculated down to the last note. With the exception of say Matthew E White no one is making music like this, making music that lasts, investing time and talent into something that will be listened to for a long time to come. Get this record, play this record and let it show you its complex magnificence.


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