Ethan Johns – Glee club, Nottingham 7/2/2013

Taking to the stage like Terry Hall had decided to grow a beard, Ethan Johns is in a fine mood, chatting to the audience about guitar tunings and the perils of having an electronic backing band. Most people are probably here because they know johns work as a producer for Laura Marling and Ryan Adams to name but a few (evident when only a handful reply to the question ‘so who’s heard my album?) his dad produced amongst others Zepplin and The Who, so you know the family calibre. Armed with his acoustic guitar he finger picks beautifully and sounds not unlike Dylan before age helped his voice gain its gravelly rasp. By song three Johns has switched to drum machine and electric guitar combo becoming a mix of Seasick Steve and the Eels with a touch of Bob Log III one man blues thrown in for good measure. Obviously talented he switches to piano before returning to his acoustic constantly holding the sell-out crowd in silenced rapture, so much so that when a drink is spilt at the back of the room the sound of the liquid makes a few jump. Following the show he sticks around to sign records and proves yet again what a really nice guy he is. If you are looking for this year’s John Grant or Josh T Pearson then Johns pretty much has it in the bag.


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