Zero Dark Thirty

Thoroughly expecting Kathryn Bigelow‘s ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ to be a very long advert for joining the marines and not expecting it to have any appeal outside of America I was pleasantly surprised. The tale of the capture of the worlds most wanted man ‘Osama Bin Laden’ is quite the tense thriller, not say as tense and streamlined as ‘Argo’ but it still has its moments. With the torture argument put to one side the build-up to the final act, the raid on the compound, is told through some great performances from Jason Clarke and main star Jessica Chastain as Maya as they use all their resources to track and eventually kill the Al Qaeda leader. At nearly two hours forty the film could easily have outstayed its welcome but the cast, script and masterful direction means the time isn’t an issue. Obviously the film is a little gung-ho pat on the back to America and the previously mentioned use of torture is putting some peoples backs up. But if you can look past its flaws and its almost singular view of the events and in some ways imagine that it’s not loosely based on a true story then it opens up into an enjoyable example of how to weave an intricate story into a gripping drama.


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