End of Watch

And so the tired format of ‘Found Footage’ trundles along once more this time in a cop buddy movie. Except this can’t really even be described as found footage it’s so lazy in its execution, one minute it’s all shaky cam the next it breaks the routine with actual shots from cameras that no one could be holding, it does this jumping about so much that it’s almost dizzying in itself. As for the story well there really isn’t one it’s just two cops going about their business in a documentary style bickering and getting into increasingly darker situations. But with a bad script and cartoon bad guys, who are even worse shots than stormtroopers as they can’t hit a cop with an Ak47 at 30 yards, the film just meanders never really going anywhere. Jake Gyllenhaal is so unbelievable as a police officer, I liked his performance in Jarhead, but I have seen a better interpretation of a policeman in Noddy. As the film progressed I was expecting it to build up to something, a twist maybe, but no the ending is as obvious as it boring. Having spent two hours in the company of Brian and Mike you may think I would have felt something at the films climax but I was so distanced from them that I unsurprisingly felt nothing. Sometimes you watch a film and wonder why it even got made, apparently Jake spent six months riding in the back of a cop car to prepare for his role and sadly, like this movie, that was a waste of time.

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