Often the best films get their ideas from real life and the words ‘based on a true story’ adorn many a movie poster and as the saying goes sometimes ‘life really is stranger than fiction’. ‘Argo’ is one such film, directed and starring Ben Affleck as a C.I.A. extraction specialist tasked with retrieving six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary Iran it is as tense a thriller as you could want and is even more gripping due to the fact that this really did happen. Shot with an eye for detail and cut with actual footage the story plays out as I imagine it would have done, you can feel the tension on screen as Iran spirals out of control and the elaborate rescue plan (I won’t spoil it) gets underway. Claustrophobic camera work echoes the mood of the holdup fugitives as Tony (Affleck) Lester (Arkin) and John (Goodman) frantically try to do the seemingly impossible, each taking on their respective roles with gusto. The story unfolds getting more and more unbelievable right up to the final scenes and it is this that makes ‘Argo’ stand out, there is no down time, the film is tight, it feels like you are on the clock, like every second counts, which of course it did. With superb acting from everyone and expert direction from Affleck the two hour running time feels a lot less which is not something that a lot of movies of this genre can say, but like I said before pacing is ‘Argo’s secret weapon. Be entertained, be thrilled and bite your nails as ‘Argo’ takes you on a journey that will not only make you laugh and gasp but will, as the old saying goes, ‘Keep you on the very edge of your seat’.

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