Calexico – Algiers

Calexico return with a mix of old and new on their seventh album ‘Algiers’. Never afraid to blend styles it fair to say that the Calexico sound is one that is quite recognisable, often sung in different languages and blending folk rock with mariachi horns. Well that is still present here like the Spanish sung ‘No Te Vayas’ but they have once again branched out like the bluesy ‘Sinner in the Sea’ or the sharp strings on ‘Better and Better’. ‘Maybe on Monday’ probably wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by Travis, it’s a catchy love song built around rhythmic drums and a hushed vocal, but overall the album reminds me of Wilco around the time of ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ or ‘A Ghost is Born’ just great song writing peppered with slight experimentation. Musically strong across the twelve tracks on offer this should satisfy fans while hopefully giving them the wider appreciation they deserve.

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