Sci-fi is such a hard genre to do and if you are going to deal with time travel then it’s a hell of a lot harder. So plot holes aside (as we know time travel has yet to be invented so let’s not get bogged down in the hows and whys) is the new film by Rian Johnson any good? ‘Looper’ is set in 2042, bikes fly, drugs are taken through the eyes and thirty years in the future the mob send people they want killed back in time to be dealt with and disposed by a Looper. Joseph Gordon-Levitt complete with bizarre facial reconstructing plays Joe hired by the mob to fulfil these across space and time contacts, which he is happy to do until one day the person sent back is himself (Willis) and everything changes. What is actually quite a good premise ends up in fact being a strange mix, one part Terminator the other Carrie, with random scenes thrown in for effect. Sadly I wanted to like this film, certainly the trailer made it look very interesting, but all the action is in there and the rest of the time it just drags. None of the performances or direction can warrant the 118 minute run time and after the initial story had unfolded into farce I found myself getting very bored, very quickly. The effects are ok as are some of the futuristic ideas but sadly they are not enough to lift the film above average. Lots of people are raving about this film saying it’s the best Sci-fi since ‘The Matrix’ well I’d like to be able to travel forward in time to see how this fares in years to come because for me it was a bitter disappointment.

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