Set on a small Irish island ‘Grabbers’ is a simple tale of alien invasion and the small community that must band together to save their home from this extra-terrestrial threat, imagine ‘Monsters’ mixed with ‘Sean of the Dead’ if you will. The locals, cut off from the mainland by an approaching storm, must find a way to defeat the aliens when they attack and by happy accident they discover they are allergic to alcohol in human blood and in the right dose it can be fatal. More comedy than horror this means the entire population needs to be completely sloshed to survive with the local pub providing a safe haven, at least while the beer is flowing. The cast are all great proving that they can act drunk better than most and considering the budget the creature effects are very good. While not without its flaws the film must be commended for not resorting to gore and doing something a little different with the comedy/horror genre. With clear homage to classic films like Aliens and Tremors and its tongue wedged clearly in its drunken cheek viewers should sit back and enjoy what is a pretty decent hour and a half of tentacle grabbing fun.

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