[Rec] 3 Genesis

It’s been a few days now since I caught [REC]³ Génesis and I’m still a bit unsure about it. I absolutely loved the first two, but for this project Directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza have gone their separate ways with Balagueró supposedly making [REC] Apocalypse and Plazo solo helming this movie.  Shot in two distinct styles, the first being handheld cameras at the wedding of Clara and Koldo and the second actual film telling the story of the aftermath of the same infection that we saw, but knew not a lot about in the first two movies and how it has affected their special day. Now there are some great elements to this movie and then there are some bad and sadly it isn’t one where I can say that fans of the series will love it for being just that because some of the reveals here drastically change the originals as we learn a little more about what the hell is going on and also some are just plain stupid. There is a misplaced attempt at humour in places which won’t sit well with most horror fans and after the originality of the camera work in the first two to go to normal filming is a change it takes time to get used to. But what’s harder to get is the change in tone, instead of the atmosphere and unnerving nature previously used this film is played for jumps and hardly ever had any real moments of fear if being made to jump isn’t your thing. That said there are things I loved about the film, the zombies/infected run about the place doing what they do best in all their gory detail, the effects are great as is the lead Leticia Dolera as Clara and there are a few genuine ‘what the hell’ moments which are as inventive as anything the pair have done previous. So a mixed bag really with lots to like and equally lots to hate and confuse, maybe it was a mistake for the directors to work separately on this series. I wish I could see this film as an ok standalone film but as its part of the [Rec] universe that’s hard because as a [rec] film it isn’t very good and lets down the existing material. So unless [Rec] Apocalypse arrives and is stunning, I personally, will only ever see the series as containing [Rec] 1 and 2.

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