The Raid

If you don’t like martial arts films then I can honestly say that ‘The Raid’ won’t be for you, on the other hand if you are a fan of the genre prepare yourself for the best balls to the wall example that you have ever seen. The film doesn’t beat around the bush and isn’t over heavy on story, although there is one, it just goes for the throat and doesn’t let go. I’ve heard people use phrases before like ‘rollercoaster’ or ‘thrill ride’ to describe this kind of movie but its more than that, yes there’s a lot of fighting/action but there are also Hitchcock levels of suspense throughout that elevate it above the usual fair. Also seeing these live non-CGI stunts performed it’s not a surprise that most of the cast were at some point hospitalised during the filming, Bourne and Bond are close quarter pussies compared to these guys. It’s intense, hard-core and at times not for the squeamish as the breakneck relentless pace takes you from one set piece to another and even though I couldn’t work out how some of the camera work was being done during the fights it’s in the subtle and beautiful slow shots that the cinematography shines giving it a well-crafted art-house feel. What on paper sounds like quite a dull story, a group of cops raid a block of flats where a drug baron is held up, turns out to be one of the best cinema experiences of the year. Griping, bloody and beautiful ‘The Raid’ delivers on so many levels.

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