Ladyhawke – Anxiety

In her native country Ladyhawke started as a guitarist in Two Lane Blacktop and Teenager and so it seems only natural that she would return to her roots at some point. Her electronically oriented self-titled solo album got kind of lumped in with the likes of Little Boots and La Roux which meant she was swept along in that whole indie/dance vibe. Here she has decided to ditch the synths, though not entirely, for a scuzzier guitar based sound. First thing to note on ‘Anxiety’ is that the tunes aren’t as easily recognisable, they don’t jump out at you as instantly as say ‘My Delirium’ or ‘Paris is Burning’ which makes the twelve songs on offer here more slow burners. Listen once and there doesn’t appear to be any standout tracks but with subsequent plays the songs start to open up and apart from steering dangerously close to Ting Tings territory (a few too many na na na nas for my liking) it turns out there are some cracking tunes among them. After a while the songs become more familiar and sing-along, catchy even. Whereas it still doesn’t feel like she’s moved on much there is definitely enough here to prove that Pip Brown was more than a one album wonder.

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