Richard Hawley – Standing At the Sky’s Edge

‘She brings the Sunlight’ opens Richard Hawley’s new record and at first, as it creeps in quietly and slowly, you begin to think that you are in familiar territory until it kicks in and kick in it does. With swirling guitars layered over strings Hawley’s vocal comes in like Mark Lanegan and every time it gets to the guitar solo I can’t help but smile, a smile that says the guy I’m listening to is having fun and rocking out. But not just that he is also experimenting, take for example the bongo middle eight in ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’ it shouldn’t work but it does. During the first few songs I’m reminded of Spiritualized, Nick Cave and Hawley’s original band The Longpigs and it’s not until the halfway point that we see any real glimpse of Hawley as he has been on his last few records but when ‘Seek It’ begins the old mixes beautifully with the new.  It’s touching and tender and shows that Hawley has lost none of his ballad skills in his eagerness to crank everything up. ‘Don’t stare at the Sun’ is the kind of song any fledgling indie band would give their right arm for and album closer ‘Before’ is the one that anyone would. ‘Here we are, leant to the earth by the stars’ he croons as the subtle meets the sumptuous and it the closes the album perfectly. A contender for album of the year and clearly a masterpiece it may take some time to adjust to the change in direction but before you shout ‘Judas’ give ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’ as much attention as possible and like me you might just fall in love with it.

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One Response to Richard Hawley – Standing At the Sky’s Edge

  1. nice review – it’s a lovely album

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