Being Elmo

I were to say to you the name Kevin Clash you would probably have no idea who I was talking about but if I said the name Elmo then you and pretty much everyone else would know I was talking about a little red puppet with a squeaky voice and as this documentary shows Kevin and Elmo are one and the same. Using a mix of current interviews, old footage and ‘The Kid Stays in the Picture’ style graphics it follows Kevin from his humble beginnings  to becoming one of the biggest unknown stars on the planet thanks to his fluffy red Muppet. During the course of the film we get history, insight not just into Kevin & Elmo but Jim Henson & Frank Oz and the Muppets studio and a story so heart-warming it is a pleasure to watch from start to finish. Great documentaries not only inform you of things you didn’t know but tell them in a way that holds your attention throughout. ‘Being Elmo’ does just that and more I would have to agree with the reviewer who said that ‘this is the film equivalent of a big red hug’.

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