Marilyn Manson – Born Villain

A lot of people are saying that this is a return to form for Manson, sadly it isn’t, but it is better than his last few efforts for sure. It is also curiously an album of two halves, the good and the bad or should I say the average and the bad. There are no real stand out, balls to the wall tracks here and as the album starts it feels a lot like Manson by numbers, ‘Hey, Cruel World’, ‘No Reflection’ (with its rift nicked from the Kills) ‘Pistol Whipped’ (a lame attempt to cause controversy?) and ‘Overneath the Path of Misery’ are all pretty standard affair with the band sounding like they are just going through the motions. If you haven’t got bored by the time you hit ‘Slo-mo-tion’ the album starts to pick up a little, ‘The Gardener’ for me one of the most interesting tracks as it tries something a little different is followed by a handful of songs that give hope to old fans that one day Manson might come back with a belter. Disappointingly after ‘Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms’ the album slides back into familiar territory and concludes with Manson’s recent obsession with feeling the need to do a cover version. His earlier dalliances were fine they fitted at the time but ever since ‘Tainted Love’ his covers seem to cheapen what he does and here ‘You’re So Vain’ (with Johnny Depp) does just that. For a long time fan like myself records like this disappoint because I know he is capable of so much more, so until he comes out with something that is anywhere near to the triptych of Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical  Animals and Holywood I’m afraid I am just not that interested anymore.

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