Jack White – Blunderbuss

Flitting from project to project like a musical magpie Jack White is nothing if not prolific; from his origins in the Stripes to his dalliances with Danger Mouse on ‘Rome’ and everything in-between he has consistently surprised and pleased in equal measure and here on his debut solo he once again lets loose with amazing results. Blues guitar, honky tonk piano and White’s distinctive voice all combine to make an album of songs that you just can’t help but move to, like the cover of ‘I’m Shakin’ perhaps one of the funkiest tunes you will hear all year. Also we all know that Jack is handy at writing a cracking tune and these songs are no exception and if ever there was an archetypal White composition then its ‘Hypocritical Kiss’ a lively number with a bitter undercurrent ‘And who the hell’s impressed by you?,I want a name for people that I know who are fallin’ for this, You would sell your own mother out, And then betray your dead brother with another hypocritical kiss’ he wails. With some memorable and often oddball lyrics, crazy guitar solos and even backing from his ex-wife Karen Elson it’s a great record that only really falters on the title track, which compared to all the others, I find quite weak. But one misstep out of twelve is pretty good and injected with a healthy dose of venom and some good old blues rock this is another brilliant White album to add to the collection.


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