Sound It Out

‘Sound It Out’ tells the true story of the last record shop of the same name in Teesside, North East England, situated just three miles from where the director Jeanie Finlay grew up. It is a fantastic look at people, passion, and an industry striving to survive in an ever changing environment. Throughout the film you will meet a wide range of crazy characters from simple music/vinyl lovers to complete obsessives. Dance D.J.s, metal kids, local celebs and a fair share of nutters will all come and go through the doors of the shop as their stories intermingle with those of the owners whose overenthusiastic love of music keeps the shop alive and kicking. The film exposes the hard work of the staff and the faith of the fans as well as the hopes of a community. It will certainly make you laugh and cringe in equal measure and it’s in these juxtapositions that director Finlay gets the best out of her interviewees, with one simply placed question she can make you go from feelings of ridicule to sympathy. That’s not to say the film is without poignancy, there are some genuinely moving moments that will make you realise that ‘Sound It Out’ is more than just a shop, to some it is actually a lifeline. When you consider the fact that over the last five years an independent record shop has closed in the UK every three days it is an amazing testament that they fight on. But fight on they do and as this great little documentary shows there are people out there that care and against all odds will continue to do so.


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