Will Jeffery and The Wild Gentry – The Dead Butterflies E.p.

The first thing you should notice about Will Jeffery is his strong distinctive voice, the second thing is his ability to write a great tune and his new E.p. ‘The Dead Butterflies’ is a perfect showcase of both. Like a British Calexico Will and his band ‘The Wild Gentry’ go from folk to blues-pop to Americana with a slight dash of skiffle across the songs on offer here. The Title track starts the record subtly before breaking out into the main four contenders any of which could be a potential hit single. Trumpets, violin and clever time changes all underpin the acoustic guitar and tight drum and bass section. But it’s the simple yet affective song writing that will not only have you tapping along but singing away like you have always known them like old friends each as catchy and memorable as the last. I can assure you that as the final chords of ‘Back from the Dead’ ring out you will want more which is almost certainly a good sign. Seeing them live recently someone in the crowd remarked to me ‘Why isn’t he on Jools Holland?’ and all I could say was ‘Why Indeed’.


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