Dodgy – Stand Upright In A Cool Place

In the wake of a spate of mid-nineties band reforming to play all the old hits or do an album in its entirety concert it’s nice that Dodgy have decided to forge a different path, a strategy that has clearly paid off for the boys in this their most accomplished record to date. ‘Stand Upright In A Cool Place’ is a collection of eleven songs that sees the band mature their sound, replacing the jangly guitars with warmer acoustics and adding Fleet Foxes style harmonies. Right from the start the song writing is strong making tracks like ‘We Try’ and ‘Raggedstone Hill’ sound like they have been around for ages, they already feel like classics. Elsewhere the music evokes the summer and is always uplifting even on tracks that have more poignant bittersweet lyrics like ‘What Became of You’ and ‘Did it Have to Be This Way’. But the real trick that Dodgy have achieved here is to be able to blend effortlessly between pure pop, straight out rock and sweeping ballads to create a record that flows brilliantly and hooks you for the duration. This is clearly the album they wanted to make, a labour of love for the band and as all the positive reviews show good song writing will always shine through. I will wish them all the best but they almost certainly don’t need it.

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