Damien Jurado – Maroqopa

Ever since hearing ‘Medication’ from ‘Ghost of David’ I’ve been a massive fan of school teacher turned singer Jurado but it has always felt like I was waiting for everyone else to catch up, well now here’s your chance folks. ‘Maroqopa’ his 10th album and 2nd with Richard Swift as producer is an amazing record. Bursting with tunes, conventional or otherwise it should put him in league with his contemporaries like Joseph Arthur, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Cass Mccombs and Kurt Vile even. A good example is track two ‘Life Away From The Garden’ a Flaming Lips style melody that employs a children’s choir, it sounds on paper like it shouldn’t work but it does. His previous work has seen him stripped back to just vocals and guitar but here he fleshes out the songs without forgetting that it is his voice and acoustic that are central. Songs like ‘This Time Next Year’ contains elements of Mercury Rev, Tindersticks and Sparklehorse as little flourishes give way to choruses, sounds swirl behind the effected guitars bathing each song in a light that’s a joy to hear. There is also a kind of folky Britishness to his catskill Americana and its clear Swift has brought out the best in Jurado again, which means that if these are the continued results of that working partnership then long may it continue. Quality song writing here is finally getting the recognition it deserves through accessibly and nurturing, if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to discover Jurado.


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