The Muppets

The timing is perfect, grandparents remember it from when they were parents to our generation and our generation remembers it fondly enough to pass it on to the next. So its time to put on make-up, its time to light the lights, its time to get things started.,,,.The Muppets are back. Striking a perfect balance between jokes for the old and new it is clever and laugh out loud funny. Taking the format of their show to a telethon situation to save their beloved theatre from destruction, its an old story done before but perhaps not with as much passion and fluff. The songs have obvious similarity in style to those from ‘Flight of the Conchords’ which is no surprise when you realise that Brett McKenzie was music consultant and writer. The cameos comes thick and fast and include the weird, Dave Grohl to the perfectly ridiculous Jim Parsons (Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) to name but a few. Littered with as many in-jokes as pop culture references it harks back to musicals and comedies from a more innocent time and in a world of GCI and computer violence ‘The Muppets’ is a triumph and what a film with mass appeal should be, fun for all. Whether you have your own or not try to see this film in a screening with children to fully experience the memories and feelings you had on first seeing the ‘magic of these puppets’ or put simply Muppets.

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