Tindersticks – The Something Rain

There is only one thing better than finding out that one of your favourite bands has an album out you knew nothing about and that is when that album is great. So the ‘Tindersticks return after a short hiatus and before some summer festival dates with ‘The Something Rain’ nine songs from a newly stripped back band that show everything we have come to expect from them and more.  Opener ‘Chocolate’ narrated by the keyboard player is in the tradition of ‘Sister’ from their second record, its a story set to music so well crafted that you can listen to it over again without it becoming boring, it is bitter-sweet and perfectly suited to welcome us back into the world created by the band. Then we get into the real meat of the record ‘Show Me Everything’ has that lounge pace as Stuart Staples croons over the top in his familiar deep voice but its the layers that build ever so slightly in the background, the female voice, the subtle brass, at first its not that noticeable but incredibly important to the overall song. ‘This Fire of Autumn’ bring in the strings and again the depth here hides glockenspiels, distant cymbals and more brass. ‘A Night to Still’ takes the pace down a touch as washes of organ fight for space with other on the drifting, flowing melody. The centre piece to the record is Slippin’ Shoes’ a bossa nova style groove that is probably the most upbeat the band have been since ‘Can We Start Again?’ from ‘Simple Pleasure’ its a real foot tapper and a great example of where this records head is at. ‘Medicine’ takes us back down its haunting four minutes arranged so well that the song. although filled with instruments, never seems overcrowded. ‘Frozen’ wouldn’t sound out of place on Radioheads ‘The King of Limbs’ with its crazy drum pattern, freestyle jazz experimentation and running bass, it is only Staples voice that give it away. The nearly eight minute ‘Come Inside’ is the ballad of the bunch that beautifully leads us into the outro ‘Goodbye Joe’ an instrumental not unlike something from a film scores that they have made in the past for Claire Denis and then its all over. My only criticism is that it is rather short but that said when you weren’t expecting any new material any is a bonus and fully not expecting them to record again it is just nice to have them back even if it is only for a brief time.

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