The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know

Imagine ‘The Walkmen’ swapped their american indie rock credentials for the wilds of Scotland, Interpol had listened to a lot more ‘Arab Strap’ or The National did their best ‘Frightened Rabbit’ impression and you are entering the world of ‘The Twilight Sad’. This, their third record, sees them expanding on what went before while keeping the elements that make them great, James Graham’s accented vocal, the dark bleak lyrics uplifted by swirling string sections, the relentless pounding of a sound that is bigger than it should be for a three piece. The band describe themselves as ‘folk with layers of noise’ which is exactly what they are, take the stand out track ‘Nil’ and listen as it builds, broods and swells with menace and beauty. Taking influence from Krautrock and industrial bands ‘No One Can Ever Know’ is a darker, sparser affair but also the sound of a band forging a sound and while others will fall by the wayside ‘The Twilight Sad’ seem like they are in for the long haul crafting songs that haunt the listener long after the record has finished.

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