Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral

Since 2004s ‘Bubblegum’ Mark Lanegan has been a voice for hire, working with Isobel Campbell, Greg Dulli, Soulsavers and more, he has been everywhere except known by the mainstream, but that could all change with ‘Blues Funeral’ his seventh solo release. From the kick ass opener ‘The Gravedigger’s Song’ through to ‘ Tiny Grain Of Truth’ these twelve songs are his most accessible to date. There is still a dark undertow lyrically ‘if tears were liquor I’d have drunk myself sick’ just one example from ‘St Louis Elegy’ but there is also a strange lightness like the sassy and completely left-field ‘Ode To Sad Disco’ a kind of blues/disco hybrid that comes at the halfway point, something that knowing his work took me by surprise. But its not all cleaned up hits, tracks like ‘Quiver Syndrome’ bristle with a rough familiarity that we have come to expect from the gruff voiced singer and his fuzzed up band. ‘Harborview Hospital’ shows that working with Dulli not only rubbed off but sunk in challenging Lanegan to expand his musical range. While not as raw as his earlier work and not quite as edgy and brutal as ‘Bubblegum’ it still shows Lanegan as a unique voice and a singer who despite the dalliances with others can still hold his own when he needs to.

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One Response to Mark Lanegan Band – Blues Funeral

  1. Heh – I totally agree about Harborview Hospital and the Dulli influence. Making imitation Catholic rock is a dangerous trick!

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