The Black Keys-El Camino

After the multi award garnering ‘Brothers’ it was always going to be interesting to see where The Black Keys would take their sound and thankfully they haven’t strayed too far from their winning formula which makes ‘El Camino’ another classic. If you haven’t heard lead single and album opener ‘Lonely Boy’ then hot foot over to youtube and check it out, complete with its simple but effective video it is so catchy that I guarantee after you have switched it off and walked away you will have ‘I’ve got a love that keeps me waiting’ swirling round your head. Pitching their blues rock somewhere between The White stripes and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion they have a knack of writing songs that are instantly likeable and yet have a timeless quality, ‘Sister’ here being a prime example. ‘Little Black Submarines’ appears to start like a ballad all Led Zeppelin picking but that is soon eradicated when the ‘What’s the Frequency Kenneth’ fuzzy guitar kicks in and synths chug over the pounding drums. Elsewhere tracks like ‘Run Right Back’ and ‘Gold on the Ceiling’ with have you tapping along to the great beats until you know the words. With a lot more layering of instruments here like doubled up guitars, female vocals, keyboards and electronic sounds it will be interesting to see how they will do it justice live with just the two of them. But for now across these eleven tracks the boys can sit back safe in the knowledge that you the listener is once again hearing an award winning album.

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