The Artist

I can honestly say that I haven’t enjoyed a film as much as I did ‘The Artist’ in a long time; from start to finish this movie is absolutely superb. From the attention to detail in recreating the era of silent movies (it’s black and white and even presented in 1.33:1 aspect ratio) to the mesmerising acting, it is a loving homage that can’t fail to entertain and charm. Dujardin, in a surely Oscar winning performance, is George Valentin a silent movie actor, who along with his dog (another scene stealing performance) is a big star, so what could possibly go wrong? Well the invention of the talkies and its rising starlet Peppy Miller (Bejo). Not only does George have a hand in the discovery of Peppy but he also falls madly in love with her. As her ascension continues Georges fame wanes and after a failed attempt to hold onto the old ways he admits defeat and becomes washed up, an outdated relic in a medium that’s embracing the future. With amazing cinematography from Guillaume Schiffman it’s a joy to watch as it recreates perfectly the films and feel of the time and while cleverly presenting a traditional love story it is both gripping and fascinating to watch. The music also goes a long way to help give it the desired effect as, apart from two scenes with sound, that is all you hear. In an age where we talk about the death of cinema and gimmicks like 3D are trying to woo audiences it’s just so refreshing to see something that not only has a story but lacks the CGI that Hollywood so readily relies on. It was apparently the directors dream project and it shows but it was also clearly a labour of love for everyone involved making ‘The Artist’ simply one of the best films you’ll see all year.

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