The Future

After a name change, some interesting art and a series of short stories Miranda July made her debut feature ‘Me and You and Everyone We Know’ it was a brilliant indie film that charmed with its crossover between art and film backed by a strong story. So I had quite high expectations for her second feature ‘The Future’ and even the trailer made it seem like more of the same quirky arty fair after all its narrated by a talking cat called Paw Paw. But despite a few highlights the film falls sadly flat and exists in a space somewhere between pretention and plain weird for weird sake. The story is weak and unlike ‘Me and You..’ feels like a lot of smaller ideas cobbled together, don’t get me wrong some work, but others just don’t sit right. Some big life questions are addressed here but in a way that feels forced and hipster rather than clever and philosophical. I enjoyed the Paw Paw narration and the dirty old repair man; both were great characters that could have been explored further but instead were reduced to less screen time by the older lover and his daughter, the people that used the dance studios and the moon! What should have been great, and maybe could have been if split into a series of shorts, ends up arty, incoherent and a tad boring. If you’re a massive fan you may enjoy it but for me it was a real shame after such a promising start.

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